Startup Journey.ie was established by Brendan Fitzpatrick in July 2017 to facilitate, provide support and satisfy the increasing desire of people to start a business in Ireland. Another core objective is to help people to find their ideal job and the career they really want. We also work with Businesses to provide Outplacement and Career Transition support for their employees

It has never been a better time to start a Business in Ireland.

2019 was record-breaking year with 22,774 new business start-ups being created in Ireland. This was the highest number of new company start-ups on record for the third year in a row.

The increasing number of new first time entrepreneurs in Ireland, particularly within the over 50’s age group is a really exciting trend.            Female Entrepreneurs tripled in the last few years. One in every 23 people in Ireland is now a new business owner and this compares with the US for enterprise and is ahead of most EU countries.

Startup Journey.ie is passionate about helping people to find the job they really want or to start their own business.

We provide a Consultancy, Mentoring and Facilitation service:

  • We work with Businesses to provide Outplacement and Career Transition support for their employees
  • We work with People to help them find the ideal Job and the Career they really want
  • We help People to explore Self-Employment and create their own New Business Start-up.

Brexit and Covid-19 have provided new challenges for everyone, but also opportunities.

Let Startup Journey.ie accompany you along the way to avail of these opportunities.

At Startup Journey.ie we support People and Businesses at every stage of their Journey.