StartupJourney.ie was established by Brendan Fitzpatrick in July 2017 to facilitate, provide support and satisfy the increasing desire of people to start a business in Ireland.

More than 35,000 new start-ups were added to the total number of businesses in Ireland between 2013 and 2016, with 21,000 New Start-ups registered in 2016 alone. That was the Highest in 20 years and second highest in 36 years.

Female Entrepreneurs tripled in the last few years, which is very exciting. One in every 23 people in Ireland is now a new business owner and this compares with the US for enterprise and is ahead of most EU countries.

StartupJourney.ie is an entrepreneurial journey that focuses on New Business Start-up & People Development.

  • We provide a Consultancy, Mentoring and Facilitation service that helps People to Create their own New Business Start-up.
  • As part of your continuing Journey, we also help your New Business Start-up to Scale-up and develop as your business grows.
  • The final part of your journey is to help your New Business Start-up to be ready for the Export Market.

At StartupJourney.ie we support People at every stage of their Start-up Journey.

We also develop People and help them to explore the feasibility of self-employment or alternatively to obtain employment in their chosen area.

There has never been a better time to start a business in Ireland. The increasing number of new first time entrepreneurs in Ireland, particularly with the over 50’s age group is a really exciting trend.

It is never too late to start. Take your first step on your own Start-up self-employment adventure and let StartupJourney.ie accompany you along the way.