Outplacement and Career Transition

 Startup Journey.ie works with Businesses to provide Outplacement and Career Transition support for their employees. We are also passionate about helping individuals to find their ideal job and the career they really want.

We provide personalised outplacement services and support to those whose employment situation may have changed due to economical changes, downsizing or redundancy. We also cater for individuals who have decided to seek a new job or career.

This is an always an emotional time both for the employer and the employee. You can be assured that our highly experienced coaching team of professionals will provide exceptional support in a sympathetic, discreet, and confidential manner.

Our Outplacement Support significantly reduces the length of time being unemployed. The programme is either delivered through individual one-on-one sessions or in a group format. Subjects typically include career guidance, career evaluation, job search skills, targeting the job market, CV writing, interview preparation, networking, and personal branding.

Our Outplacement Support is tailored specifically to your company’s requirements and based upon the timing, location, numbers involved, the budget allocation and the individual needs of the employee.

Our flexible programmes have several different options and can include a Basic Essential Package, Professional Package or Senior Executive Package.

Startup Journey.ie provides a full range of services to assist the individual in transitioning to future employment, but also dealing with the immediate uncertainty ahead.

Our Outplacement Services Include the Following Benefits:

• We Design an Outplacement Programme specifically for you
• Empowers Individuals and increases confidence
• Maintains staff morale and improves employee retention
• Individual 1-1 or Group Coaching Sessions and Workshops
• Optimising your Job-seeking Strategy
• Career assessment and advice on the current employment market opportunities
• Programmes can be run remotely usually on Zoom
• Management positions usually catered for in private 1-1 format coaching as required.
• Typically reduces the job search time and Improves the quality of jobs found
• Providing the tools necessary to move ahead in their careers
• Helps Individuals explore/understand their own strengths/skills/Values/ to optimise their job search process
• Help to alleviate individuals fears and concerns and develop quality job-finding skills
• Individuals are matched with individual Career Coach who serves as a mentor and source of motivation
• Our experienced Coaches help the individual to explore possible Career Options in line with their Skills/Interests

Our Outplacement Programmes Are Tailored to Include the Following:

• Personalised 1-1 Coaching and active support
• Creating the perfect CV and Cover letter
• Interview Preparation and Techniques to land that dream job performance
• Understanding the importance of Networking / How to master the art of Networking
• Perfecting your Elevator Pitch
• Learning how to be Innovative in finding that job
• Exploring Self-Employment as an option
• Mock Interviews with constructive feedback to increase confidence and Performance
• Developing your Personal Brand
• Staying Positive during your job search and coping with unemployment
• Learning how to update and navigate LinkedIn to find jobs and be found
• Dealing effectively with Head-hunters, Recruiters, Agencies and Companies

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and provide a confidential quote.

Please Contact Startup Journey.ie to discuss your requirements and options.