Export Ready

Not all new business start-ups will be planning on exporting product. However, there are lucrative financial benefits for you and your business if you can sell your product on the international market.

Although the process can be complex and scary for those not familiar with it, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Irish exports exceeded €152.5 billion in 2019, the highest total on record!

There is no reason why your business cannot aspire to getting a piece of this.

Brexit and Covid-19 have provided new challenges for everyone, but also opportunities.


Aside from the huge potential to really scale-up your business, there are significant incentives from Enterprise Ireland in particular to help you to break in to the export market. You can make a good successful living by selling in the Irish market, but by broadening your customer base beyond the Irish shores you can avail of enormous possibilities.

Startup Journey.ie have expert knowledge and a wealth of experience managing every element of the global supply chain. This includes manufacturing, management of Customer and Supplier relationships, Production & Materials Planning, Global Distribution to every country/continent, Warehouse management, 3PL service providers and CMO management.

Startup Journey.ie can help you plan and execute your global ambition. We will also help you to manage the processes required to make your business Export Ready and assist you in forming collaborative agreements with global partners.

We will also help you to avail of the many incentives and supports available to facilitate Irish businesses to penetrate and grow within the lucrative export market.

We welcome an opportunity to help new businesses and SME’s to be Export Ready.

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