Scale-Up is an entrepreneurial journey that focuses on New Business Start-up & People Development.

We are passionately committed to helping people to realise their dreams by starting their very own business. Starting and running a business is a journey. It does not just end when the business starts.

Even though it may sound odd now, a new business can experience problems when it becomes more successful and grows. Different challenges are faced such as optimising resources, managing new employees, capacity constraints and being able to manage the new increased requirements. will help you to grow your business and to tackle the challenges of business growth.

Recent figures from Bank of Ireland states that 66% of Business Start-ups will fail in the first 5 Years!

Even more sobering is that 80% of Business Start-ups that don’t have a Business Plan will fail in the first 5 Years!! One of the fundamental reasons for this is Lack of Planning and Lack of Knowledge. will help you to plan for the growth and development of your business. We will help to streamline your business process flows so you operate more efficiently. The robust processes that we will work with you to put in place will allow your business to scale up and facilitate growth.

Your business will also see improvements in Productivity, Resource Optimisation and Cost Reduction.

As with new business start-ups, there are many incentives and supports available to help small businesses to scale-up. will help you to avail of these grants to develop your business.

If your new Start-up or SME is planning or needs to scale-up and develop, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

At we support People at every stage of their Start-up Journey.